Break In Run
April 28-29, 2001

The 1522 started the 2001 season in style with a breakin run on the former Frisco Cuba sub. After a positioning move from the Museum to Lindenwood Yard on Saturday, the 28th, the 1522 headed Southwest on the 29th with the usual crew cars and 11 freight cars for extra weight and braking. A servicing stop advertised in the town of Pacific drew a large crowd. From there, the 1522 ran non-stop to Newburg where it was turned on the wye at Bundy Junction. After blasting back up Rolla Hill, we had to wait for several trains and a new pilot crew. The delays brought us back to St. Louis well after dark.

Group photo

SMILE! 1522 poses for a group portrait.
Photo by Frank Morin.

Fireman Willie Webster at work.

Fireman Willie Webster keeps the steam up in the late afternoon sun.

Engineer Jeff Schmid

Engineer Jeff Schmid works the throttle and whistle.
Note the steam gauge under the throttle showing 210 psi.

Souvenir Sales Crew

The Souvenir Sales Crew pauses for a photo.
L-R, Rose Purcell, Jean Kingsborough, Judy Koepke and George Rees
Photo by Frank Morin.

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