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Miscellaneous Photos

Chef Dick and Ellie

Dick and Ellie Sopp in the kitchen of the Bluebonnet . We have enjoyed some wonderful meals on the road courtesy of the Sopps!
NO other steam crew eats better, PERIOD!

Union Charge

While attending Topeka's Railroad Days Festival in 1994, we were parked next to a camp of Civil War reinactors. They couldn't pass up the chance to stage their maneuvers next to an old steam train (even one built 60 years after the war). Here, the Union forces charge the Confederates that had lined up to buy our souvenirs.

Union guard/cannon

After retaking the train, the Union forces set up a serious guard on it lest any rebels try to take it back. Behind them, Dick Sopp is on the train with the Union soldiers payroll which we were to hold for safekeeping. Rebel forces later attacked, overthrew the Union soldiers and relieved us of the payroll. It was an interesting morning.

Hearse and train

This was not a good sign.......(actually, its a limo service!)
As you can see, lots of strange things happened to us in Topeka. We hope we can go back!

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