SLSTA Policy on using photos and/or text from this site

This site is intended to promote the Frisco 1522. Photos used in this site are provided gratis by the webmaster and other parties to further the educational and informational content of this site. All photographic images and text that appear on this site retain the copyright of their submitters. All rights reserved!

Publication and/or commercial use of images and text from this site: The images and text provided on this site may be used for publication and/or commercial use to publicize the Frisco 1522. Where time permits, I request that you send an email ahead of time stating what materials will be used and how. Where time does not permit, the materials may be used as stated below.

Credit: We are grateful that many photographers willing share their images with us and allow their use on the site and elsewhere to promote the 1522. Where photos on this site are marked with the photographer's name, it should be credited where the photo is used. Where no photographer is named for a photo, or for any text on the site, these have been supplied by the webmaster and should be credited Courtesy of . In all cases , the web address must be displayed either with the photo's caption or in the associated text.

I appreciate your cooperation with this simple policy. My goal is to provide timely, accurate coverage of Frisco 1522 news while also insuring that the people who submit information to this site receive the proper credit for their work!

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